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The de Havilland DH.83 Fox Moth
de Havilland DH.83 Fox Moth c/n 4023 ZS-ADH Photograph: Jack McAdam via John McAdam
Type c/n Reg History
DH.83 Fox Moth 4003 ZS-ADE DH.83 Fox Moth c/n 4003 Reservation ntu and to Iona National Airways, Ireland as EI-AAP with CofA 3515 issued 15.7.32.
DH.83 Fox Moth 4023 ZS-ADH DH.83 Fox Moth c/n 4023 [CofA 3624 issued 25.10.32 to DH South Africa]. Regd 12.12.32 to Capt SS Halse, Johannesburg. To Johannesburg Light Plane Club, Baragwanath. Regn cld 6.1.36. Regd VP-YBD 1.36 to Capt EH Spencer, Victoria Falls. Regd (.46) to Spencer's Airways Ltd, Victoria Falls. Regn cld pre.47. Sold by Capt EH Spencer's estate in airworthy condition 6.47. Regd VP-RCE .51 to J Gordon Watt, Livingstone. Regd VP-YLS .54. Regn cld .56. Regd 17.4.57 as ZS-CFP to Aerial Farming Services Ltd, Rand. Crashed into wall during spraying operations on take-off Oranjeville, OFS 24.1.58.
DH.83 Fox Moth 4035 ZS-AEW DH.83 Fox Moth c/n 4035 ex VP-YAK Regd 22.6.34. [A DH.83 was acquired by Johannesburg Aero Club 2.38; this appears to be the only candidate]. Impressed as SAAF 1413 .40. Restored as ZS-AEW (unconfirmed & possibly simply not cld on impressment). Delivered to Kenya 12.1.47 and regd 4.47 as VP-KDS to Noon & Pearce Air Charters Ltd, Nairobi West. Regd 26.10.51 to NE Waugh, Bukoba, Tanganyika. Undercarriage collapsed on landing Entebbe 15.3.52. Not repaired and regn cld 1.54.
DH.83 Fox Moth FM33 ZS-CFR CF-DJF reserved .46 but NTU. Reportedly shipped to India. Regd VP-RAY [.51] to Zambesi Airways Ltd, Livingstone. Reregd VP-YLK .54. Regd .55 to JD Allen, Mongu. 12
Regd ZS-CFR 17.4.57 to Aerial Farming Services, Rand. Regn cld 9.10.62. Reregd ZS-CYW 3.63 to OH James. Crashed nr Baragwanath 28.11.64; James and 2 passengers killed.

The majority of the information below has been generously contributed by Malcolm Fillmore and the researchers at Air Britain and Andrew Pentland of de Havilland Aircraft Production
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